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WTM 2013 by TuristIQ


We, as FTS (Fantastiq Transmedia Solutions), are proud to announce our official start at the WTM 2013 edition. It would be in the speechs realted to gamification that will be held in the Travel Innovation Summit in Association with TTI. There, Òscar Herencia, our CSO & Traveller, will present the speech: “The journey to gamification: engaging travellers” where he will explain how he has adopted the gamification technique to create a unique, customized experience to their customers allowing him to developed a value added service to his classical travel agency.

How to compete in this technology dominate world it’s key to perform services taking as much as profit as the technology can deliver, getting closer to the customers, nowadays used to take their own decissions based on the huge offering in which it’s difficult to be distinguished with an approach different to that on a price based.


FTS will present officially our generic App TuristIQ, on iPhone and Android, to deliver customized and gamified routes to travellers interested to discover destinations in a different way.

Addressed to those companies aimed to provide a unique experience to their customers, our App is the resulting part of our editorial activity of publishing geolocated routes. All the tracks include challenges for the selected PoI (Point of Interest) of the routes aiming to the participants to solve them in a period of time.

If you want to make a singular experience for you customers, allowing them to participate in a novelty product in the tourism sector, don’t hesitate to contact us during the celebration of the exhibition. Feel free to contact us or make an appointment filling the form below.

Expecting to see you at the WTM 2013!


We will be performing demonstrations in different points of Barcelona City and therefore recommend you'll get in touch with us beforehand to make an appointment at info@turistiq.com or call us directly during your stay in Barcelona at +34 696 486 595

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