• Start

    Where all begins

    • Download the app and wait until all the adventures are loaded.
    • The wait will be worth.
  • Adventures

    Which one will you play?

    • Here you see all the adventures prepared by ours editors for you.
    • Pick up one to begin the adventure.
    • Stay tuned because new adventures can appear at any time.
  • Introduction

    The adventure begins

    • Read the introduction carefully.
    • The adventure has begun and clues can appear anywhere.
  • POI's

    Points of interest

    • Here are the places you should visit to solve the mysteries and start earning points.
  • Visualization

    Map, Augmented Reality, Statistics

    • Look at the points of interest from a map or by using augmented reality.
    • Check your earned points and your position in the leader board.
  • Map

    The Game Board

    • Look at where are your next objectives and decide which way to go.
  • QR Code

    Scan the code

    • Prove that you are in the right place.
    • This makes you earn some points.
  • Challenge

    Resolve the mystery

    • Remember what you read.
    • Answer the questions as fast as you can.
    • Every second counts.
  • Solution

    Check how it was

    • Have you selected the right answer? Congrats! You are increasing your tourist IQ.
    • Have you failed? What a pity!! Luckily you have more options to keep trying.
  • Rankings

    Compare your tourist IQ

    • Check at any time how many points you got and compare them with other adventurers.
  • Be Social

    Share your tourist IQ

    • Of what use is getting such a high tourist IQ if you don't share it with your friends?.
    • Share it and compete against them.

The App starts
First time - Select adventure
Next times - Select new adventures or continue playing the already started

You Create

  • Come to TuristIQ and publish your route filled with challenges you have hide.
  • Take a map, select the relevant PoI (Point of Interest), create a challenge in each one of them.
  • Don’t forget to setup a value, that gives the change your players to demonstrate their learning about the experience you offered.


You Play

  • Come to the starting point.
  • Start your App and select the route.
  • Identify the trigger at the initial PoI (Point of Interest) that will appear.
  • Read the introduction that will give you the clues and follow the explanations your guide is giving to you.
  • Play and solve the challenges. This will give you a memorable experience and obtain an touristic IQ to share with your friends!


We will be performing demonstrations in different points of Barcelona City and therefore recommend you'll get in touch with us beforehand to make an appointment at info@turistiq.com or call us directly during your stay in Barcelona at +34 696 486 595

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