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TuristIQ on Event Innovation Summit - 2013

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Events are ephemeral activities but doesn’t mean they aren’t full of preparation’s work.

All that effort preparing all the essential work it’s what guarantees the final result sounds like an orchestra.

All the specialist (solist), all the resources (instrument), all the scripts (notes) playing wÍth accordance. Music is the perfect metaphor to show us how mechanical movements of people with its instruments can produce in us such a big emotion.

This is our proposal. Show to the solist how our instrument could help them to produce even better, enormous, emotion.

We were at EIS attending all those persons interested in knowing how a better, memorable, experience could be created if a modern techniques like gamification applied to produce a storytelling quite address to produce a greater experience…

We show up how ExplorIQ, together with TuristIQ, could help the adoption’s process to create better experiences, using the techniques to reward all the achievements reached by the attendees players to the events.

TuristIQ Magic Circle

TuristIQ Magic Circle

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We will be performing demonstrations in different points of Barcelona City and therefore recommend you'll get in touch with us beforehand to make an appointment at info@turistiq.com or call us directly during your stay in Barcelona at +34 696 486 595

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