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(published on Nov., 13th in Tecnonews)
I was attending the I Gamification World Congress (http://www.gamificationworldcongress.com) held last September, 20th. I had some hesitation to how many and who I would find there but the big surprise was to find that a large audience, from different areas (marketing, technology, brands, suppliers, …), hungry of “know what’s really in the gamification, as applied to business”. Many things I checked and corroborated, so I want to share with you.

First of all is that ‘ludificación’ is much better in Spanish than gamification and second is that some analysts (Gartner, Forrester, …) say that Spain could reach expectations after USA in this area. Let me, then, that in my humble opinion, I give you a journey to discover what gamification is for me.

Referencing here to master Antonio Flores and his company of innovation, we can say that any development that seeks expect to reap success should support from three areas, in the sense of overcoming the critical examination of looking from that perspective, where the intersection of the three is the potential triumph of entrepreneurship: economy, technology and society. I would like to coach you through these three territories and observe what is happening, from the perspective of the game.

Nobody who has begun to read this article denying you had a childhood, in which one of the most interesting quotes I could hear then, from his friends, was “Let’splay?”. It was a moment of total expectation and suddenly all of us encouraged quickly. Something greater than ourselves, almost uncontrollable, that resided within us and force us to be mobilized: it was a “call to action”. Achieve, today, in our adult lives, we relive something similar is an herculean task and if, in addition, we are referring to it from the perspective of consumption (and in particular, trade retail) it seems almost impossible.

But on the other hand, even though some deny it or they call it simulation, to look more seriously, in our adulthood we keep playing with the same intensity as in the child. This gives us an opportunity to exploit this negligible lever to create new business opportunities. It’s what the literature refers as “gamification”. This is the area to which we could refer as a society, from the sociological and psychological nuance.

As a technologists (as I am) it may sound not strange to regard to new opportunities are emerging in the area 3.0 or geographical context or location-based, because of the massive influence of mobile technologies. Easily reach the consensus to glimpse a plethora of new applications that are providing new business opportunities. So, if we combine the two aspects mentioned above we have a new business opportunity tagged as ‘geogambling’ (which many categorize under the heading of LBS (Location Based Services) or location-based services. Hence we have a great chance to revisit the technological facilities provided to us today.

And finally, any initiative that today seeks to profit , it is discovering that reward paradigms are altered (or so it seems) and now consumers pay so much more intangible than tangible, or put another way, is most valuated. We payed far more for attending the concert (and, what do I get after the hearing?) that the CD of the same play, I got in return for my payment. This sees why many business, which activities are the provision of a service, are linking them to the which is obtained by monetizing the “delivery” of a commodity. This means that what they give me, if you linked to an experience, has “value” compared with contempt (or copy) obtained by the pure acquisition. That is why our economy is turning (and exiting from the current crisis will only accentuate this paradox) to a model where the value lies more in the life experience that the good we consume. This is a great example of how the economy will also be transformed.

I finish saying that they are opportunities, right now, to get started in this field. Only depends on you choose where and when.

© Carlos Ruiz Cosials
Business Development Management in FantastIQ Transmedia Solutions

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