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MWC 2013 has closed but open topics arise

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The MWC 2013 edition has come to the end. We have been there taking a lot to the world of telecommunications and we have observed some topics that we can summarize in two words: NFC and M2M but also Joyn.

We don’t have to forget that MWC is the biggest and principal showroom of the telcos companies. That mean that they’re very interested to showcase what keep them in business for the future and it’s clear that “selling voice minutes or transferring data bytes” is no longer a profitable sustainable business. So, they’re needed to explore new areas while keeping a dominant position.

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a technology with its underlying protocol to establish links between devices or devices and tags in a very short range. It feeds very well to setup a small but robust dialog between you or your device and another. Payment or identification systems will flourish as long as the smartphones include the chipset inside. We think is an smarter option to QR code to assure the “checkin”.

Also M2M (Machine to machine) has been a buzzword along side all the booth. It’s an approach to facilitate the dialog between machines (more complex than devices) that pretends to automate many operations (surveillance it’s one of the most) with the benefit to involve only the efficient at all. Any interesting topic to follow with interest to our proposal.


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