Just discover the challenges

    • Come with us to discover all the hidden challenges our editors has created for you.
    • Selected places only you will be able to unfold and provide the answer behind.
    • Just download the App ExplorIQ and get a taste of what is your play.




Follow the Business

How can you obtain more from your expertise? Simply, you have to serve them more. But not a simple present, for example, you can give your customers the chance of play and learn. This is the best money payed. So, why don’t you create some challenges for them? They could solve on the fly, while you are walking through your visit.

You make the right Steps

You are a traveller and you like discover the places you visit by your own. It’s a personal experience. But, How do you really discover the real place? You should get coach by the best experts on land. They will give you the precise perspective you need to understand and capture the real places.

Disclose the Mysteries

The singularity of the places you explain come from the performance you play. All the things shown come to reality because your descriptions are personal and you make them real. There are many hidden aspects that you will reveal and that your clients could discover because of your perish to ask the right questions. They will bring back home as the best souvenir.

Solve the right Questions

Take an examen it’s very bored but playing, against the others, to solve what’s behind the expert questions it’s something amazing. This is an experience none could could bring you. It’s personal because it’s real. Once you participate discovering the places you visit, with your coach, you will never forget it.

Promote your Trip

You know it. The word of mouth is the best marketing you can do. That's why your way of doing your good job is benefited by a good promotion, those that your customer is able to say and do it easily. Also if he is also promoting his results, this will definite.

Enjoy capturing the Singularity

A visited place belongs to you because you can memorize it as only you can. While you are travelling most of the things you realize are new to you, so what you should do to later explained to your friends, with all this sort of particular details that show you’re a real traveller. Play, play it while answering awesome challenges post to you in our TuristIQ App.


We will be performing demonstrations in different points of Barcelona City and therefore recommend you'll get in touch with us beforehand to make an appointment at info@turistiq.com or call us directly during your stay in Barcelona at +34 696 486 595

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